Sensor Technology Fire protection solutions acc to the fire requirements of the rolling technology EN 45545-3

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Sensor Technology Protective Conduit Systems with
smallest dimensions for utmost precision.

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FLEXA-FOOD Protective Conduit System customized
for the food and beverage industry.

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Plastic guide chains Energy Guide Chains
PL - hinged
PH - highly stressable

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Braidings Braidings made of metal and plastics
to bunch and to protect cables

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LIQUID TIGHT Cable Protection Systems
liquid tight

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FLEXAhightemp High temperature conduit
up to + 700°
with suitable connectors

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FLEXAfix Cable Entry Systems
Numerous of cables and wires
can be fed into a machine or into
a control cabinet in a confined space

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FLEXAzip ROHRflex PA slitted
for additional installations

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Suction, Blower and Transport Systems Suction Systems
made of metal and plastics
for temperatures up to 1100° C

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ROHRflex-Duo corrugated tubings Two-piece, longitudinal dividable
and recloseable as well as flexible.
Ideal for additional installation and
cable protection for pre-assembled cables.

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