We at FLEXA are opting for an online environment which is easy to handle and which takes the rights and the expectations of our customers and of the visitors of the FLEXA website into consideration. These Data Protection Guidelines are to describe how FLEXA collects, uses, and protects the data you reveal when you visit our website and use its functions.  
Need for personal data 
Personal data is not required when you intend to visit any public part of our website. However, there are certain parts of our website which request personal data from you. If you wish to retain personal data when the system explicitly requests such data, the following situations may occur:  
• You will not get access to certain parts of our website 
• The system will not be capable of processing your order 
• We will not be able to register your interest in our FLEXA products  
• You may not receive requested information, and  
• We will not be able to contact you.  
Collected data 
We collect two different types of data from you:  
• Data you enter  
• Data which is collected automatically (cookies) when a visitor enters our website.  
Data provided by you 
We may ask you to input certain data on registration forms or on other online forms if you wish to contact us through our website.  
FLEXA also uses common commercial technology, known as “cookies“, to collect data on how the visitor uses the website and to make sure the visitor’s visit to our website runs smoothly. Our cookies do neither reveal nor contain any personal data. Also, the cookies do not read out any information contained on the visitor’s computer or interact with other cookies on the visitor’s hard disk. However, the cookies allow us to recognize you when you visit our website again subsequently.  
If you do not wish that your browser accepts any cookies, you can de-activate this function in your browser settings.  
If the cookie function has been de-activated, the FLEXA website will not work to its full extent, and you may not be able to read all information contained on our website or to use all its functional options.  
Using Google Analytics 
This website uses Google Analytics, which is a web-analyzing service by Google Inc. (“Google”). Google Analytics uses so-called “cookies”, which are text files that will be saved on the website-visiting person’s computer and which allow analyzing the visitor’s way of using the website. The information generated through the way of using the website is usually transferred to a server operated by Google and located in the USA and is saved on this server. Please note that, as IP anonymization has been activated on such websites, the visitor’s IP address is shortened by Google in EU member states and in any other country which has verified the corresponding Treaty with the European Economic Area before the address is transferred to the server and saved there. Only in exceptional cases, the IP address is transferred to a Google server in the US in full and is shortened there.  
On behalf of the operator of this website, Google uses the information to evaluate the visitor’s usage of the website, to draft reports on the activities on the website, and to render additional services to the operator in connection with the usage of the website and of the internet. The visitor’s IP address transferred from the visitor‘s browser by Google Analytics is not combined with any other data handled by Google. You can block the storage of the cookies by setting your browser software accordingly. We may, however, point out that you might not be able to use all the functions offered on the website to a full extent if you have blocked the cookie function. 
You can also prevent data acquisition via cookies and data transfer (including your IP address) to Google as well as the subsequent data processing by Google by downloading and installing the browser plug-in available at the following link: Browser Add-On to de-activate Google Analytics.  
For further information on the terms of use and on data protection, please refer to  
http://www.google.com/analytics/terms/de.html and to https://www.google.de/intl/de/policies/ respectively.  
Communication via e-mail 
As our common means of communication with our customers, we use e-mail for our services or in connection with the purchase of FLEXA products. In such cases, we will save your e-mail address in our computer system. 
Usage of data 
We assure you that we will use your personal data only  
• to improve our ability to serve you when you have a query or a request  
• to contact you upon your request, and  
• to market our products and services.  
Data exchange 
Data is exchanged only if required to execute your order, to supply the ordered products, to render our services, or to deal with an enquiry. We will not pass on any personal data unless we are legally obliged to do so.  
Our policy commits us not to reveal any personal data on the visitor to our website or on the user of our website unless we have received an explicit permission from the particular visitor or user. We do not sell any user names or e-mail addresses to other companies which will then send you unsolicited advertisement material or any mail.  
The ads of third parties or the links to other websites placed on our website may collect user-specific data when clicked on or if corresponding stated instructions are followed. We do not have any control of the data collected in a voluntary or compulsory way through ads or websites operated by a third party. We may therefore recommend visiting the data protection guidelines of the particular advertised websites if you have any reservation concerning the collection and the usage of your data by the operator of such ads and websites. 
Delete/Deactivation Option 
Currently the FLEXA website does not allow users to delete their personal data sustainably from our database or to de-activate such data, but we are certainly prepared to do so upon explicit request. So if you wish to delete your personal data from our database, if you wish to de-activate such data, or if wish your name to be deleted from a mailing list, please send us an e-mail or give us a call:  
email: info@flexa.de  
Telephone: +49 - 6181 677-0  
Security and encryption 
FLEXA protects the collected customer data by saving the data on servers which are protected by firewalls and with passwords. The servers use encryption technology against unauthorized access. If we receive any data while our website is being visited, such data is transferred by means of SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption technology. The website is certified by Verisign.  
We may call upon you to arrange for any protective measure you can take to protect and to secure your personal data while being online. Please change your password(s) frequently, using a combination of letters and numbers, and please make sure that you use a secure browser while surfing the internet. 
This website contains links to other websites. Some of these other websites also use FLEXA logos and brands and may therefore look like websites operated by FLEXA, whereas they are operated by a third party (even though with a permission by FLEXA). This fact should be stated on the internet site concerned accordingly. FLEXA does not have any control of the contents or of the operation of such websites operated by a third party and is not responsible for any information contained on such websites. Furthermore, FLEXA cannot be held responsible for the non-execution of orders placed on such websites nor for the non-provision of services ordered via such websites. Finally, FLEXA cannot be held responsible for the data protection guidelines effective for such websites or for the data explicitly or automatically collected through such websites. If you face any difficulties or any problems in connection with the websites operated by a third party, please contact the particular third party directly.  
The websites operated by selected third parties and appearing as FLEXA websites will share the data collected from the visitor with FLEXA. The information FLEXA receives via such websites will be processed in compliance with these Data Protection Guidelines and with the relevant legal data protection acts.  
Data Protection Guidelines, Terms of Use, and Terms of Sale 
These Data Protection Guidelines shall apply together with our Terms of Use and our Terms of Sale, which jointly constitute the terms for the use of this website.  
We may encourage all our visitors and users to familiarize with these terms. 
Updating the Data Protection Guideline 
FLEXA has the right to update these Data Protection Guidelines from time to time.  
If you have any queries about or comments on these Data Protection Guidelines or any other guidelines effective for this website, please contact us via e-mail or telephone. 
Validity of the Data Protection Guidelines  
Using this website is in accordance with these Data Protection Guidelines. If you do not agree on the Data Protection Guidelines, please do no longer visit or use our website. We reserve the right to change, to amend, or to delete the Data Protection Guidelines or parts of them at any time and at our discretion.  
Your contact for any further information  
If you have any questions, complaints, or queries about or comments on our declaration on data protection and the handling of your personal data, please contact our Controller for Data Protection in writing, who will be pleased to be of further assistance:  
FLEXA GmbH & Co Produktion und Verieb KG 
- Controller for Data Protection- 
Darmstädter Straße 184 
D-63456 Hanau  
Public Directory of Procedures 
The German Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG) declares in §4g that the Controller for Data Protection has to make the following information (as per §4e) available in an appropriate way to everybody requesting such disclosure.  
By disclosing such mandatory information, we herewith observe this regulation pro-actively and do therefore not require any written application from any visitor or user.  
1. Name and address of the body responsible:  
FLEXA GmbH & Co Produktion und Vertrieb KG 
Darmstädter Straße 184 
D-63456 Hanau 
Telephone: +49 - 06181-67-70 
2. Managing Director: 
Dipl.-Kfm. Markus Stenger 
Assessor jur. Christoph Stenger 
3. Purpose of collecting, processing, or using the data: 
FLEXA GmbH & Co Produktion und Vertrieb KG is a company which produces and distributes plastic and metal tubings, connectors, and accessories designed to protect electronic devices and which does business on the international stage.  
Collecting, processing, and using the data serves the purpose as stated above.  
4. Description of the group of persons concerned and of the corresponding data and data categories:  
Customer data, staff data, and data on suppliers as far as required to serve the purpose stated under point 3. above.  
5. Receivers or receiver categories who may be provided with the data:  
Public institutions on presentation of priority statutory provisions, external clients as per §11 of the German Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG), as well as external bodies and internal departments of FLEXA GmbH & Co Produktion und Vertrieb KG to serve the purpose as stated under point 3. above.  
Deadlines to delete the data:  
The German legislative body stipulates diverse obligations to preserve data and clear deadlines when to delete such data. The data can be deleted on expiration of such statutory deadline unless the data is required to perform a contract, is required to serve entrepreneurial purposes, or needs to be maintained for legal requirements. 
7. Intended data transfer to a third country:  
Transferring the data to a third country is possible for the purposes stated in point 3. above as long as the data transfer constitutes a lawful data transfer serving the stated purpose. Of course, we shall fully comply with the provisions stipulated in §11, §4b, and §4c of the German Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG) when processing any order-related data. 
This also applies to the purpose stated under point 6. above on the basis of the relevant German Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG) valid at the time or of any other effective legal provision. 
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