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Corporate history

FLEXA history

The seedbet of FLEXA was the “Steinheimer Metallschlauch Fabrik“, established in Hanau-Steinheim, Germany, back in 1947. In 1956, the company was taken over by Mr. Karl-Heinz Stenger, who then started to establish the family-run company in a market which was still suffering from the woes of WWII. It took a little while until the company could use all the opportunities arising from an awakening market, and thanks to the ambition and the eagerness to succeed FLEXA was soon on its way to become an efficient and international enterprise.

Until today, the company has been managed successfully by the Stenger family. Mr. Markus Stenger became a member of the board in 1992, Mr. Christoph Stenger followed in 2014. Both managers jointly manage the company and maintain an amicable collaboration with the customers, the suppliers, and with the FLEXA staff.


  • 1947

    Founder Mr. Karl-Heinz Stenger

  • 1948

    Production of the first metal tubing

  • 1948

    Transporting goods to the warehouse

  • 1956

    The first admin building

  • 1958

    First trade-show presentation at the Hanover Fair

  • 1960

    Purchase of the FLEXA building as still used today

  • 1968

    Open house

  • 1971

    Adding another storey

  • 2000

    Building another multi-purpose building

  • 2012

    Erecting the new production hall for metal parts

  • 2013

    Adding conference rooms

  • 2017

    FLEXA exists 70 years