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Production and energy

PV system for own green electricity

Solar panels have been adorning our hall roofs since this year. The photovoltaic system connected to them produces sustainable green electricity that can be used for the production of our high-quality cable protection conduits. This not only allows us to significantly reduce our electricity costs, but consequently also saves some climate-damaging CO₂.

In our production halls, we use dark radiators as an energy-efficient heating source and can thus achieve valuable energy cost savings.

Investment in highly efficient material drying systems

In order to extract the residual material moisture from the plastic granulate, we use a demand-based material drying system, so the optimum processing quality can be achieved through a highly efficient material drying process. In addition, this process is energy-efficient and gentle on the material.

In the area of plastics production/injection molding, the materials are first liquefied and then change into a solid form in a cooling process in the mold. The installation of our extended free cooler system contributes to the energy-efficient support of our cooling systems in plastics production.

Reducing our water consumption is also a permanent concern for us. By recirculating the blast water from the IP test facility in our quality lab, we ensure that the water required for this purpose is recycled in a water loop and either used for retesting or fed to our cooling system.