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  • IAS Industrial Automation Show

    17.09. - 21.09.2019

    Shanghai | China

    International Trade Fair for Production and Process Automation, Electrical Systems, Robotics

    Exhibitor: AGRO (Shanghai) Electrical Products Trading Co. Ltd.

  • EuroExpo

    18.09. - 19.09.2019

    Alesund | Norway

    Industrial fair (regional) for electricity, production, maintenance

    Exhibitor: Treotham, Billingstad

  • Alihankinta

    24.09. - 26.09.2019

    Tampere | Finland

    The International Subcontracting Trade Fair

    OEM Finland Oy, Turku
    Esbecon OY, Nummela

  • Teknologia

    05.11. - 07.11.2019

    Helsinki | Finland

    The products that are going to be exhibited in this event are related with newest products and the latest technologies.

    Exhibitor: OEM Finland Oy, Turku

  • Modern Railway

    06.11. - 09.11.2019

    Beijing | China

    International Exhibition on Modern Railway Equipment and Technology

    Exhibitor: AGRO (Shanghai) Electrical Products Trading Co. Ltd.

  • Rail + Metro

    11.11. - 13.11.2019

    Shanghai | China

    International Rail Transit Exhibition

    Exhibitor: AGRO (Shanghai) Electrical Products Trading Co., Ltd.


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