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Sealing rings, O-rings and sealing inserts for customised applications.

DE-M | metric thread2bbb1319-7c04-42a4-81a2-2a5ddf63a0a2

FLEXA No.Thread
10322M12402M12black4 x 2,0 mm6,68,510 W+
10322M16204M16black2 x 4,0 mm7,611,710 W+
10322M20204M20black2 x 4,0 mm7,515,110 W+
10322M20206M20black2 x 6,0 mm7,515,110 W+
10322M20405M20black4 x 5,0 mm7,515,110 W+
10322M25206M25black2 x 6,0 mm9,319,810 W+
10322M25208M25black2 x 8,0 mm9,319,810 W+
10322M25304M25black3 x 4,0 mm9,319,810 W+
10322M25306M25black3 x 6,0 mm9,319,810 W+
10322M25307M25black3 x 7,0 mm9,319,810 W+
10322M25405M25black4 x 5,0 mm9,319,810 W+
10322M25406M25black4 x 6,0 mm9,319,810 W+
10322M25504M25black5 x 4,0 mm9,319,810 W+
10322M25604M25black6 x 4,0 mm9,319,810 W+
10322M32208M32black2 x 8,0 mm12,525,110 W+
10322M32308M32black3 x 8,0 mm12,525,110 W+
10322M32407M32black4 x 7,0 mm12,525,110 W+
10322M32408M32black4 x 8,0 mm12,525,110 W+
10322M32604M25black6 x 4,0 mm9,319,810 W+
10322M32606M32black6 x 6,0 mm12,525,110 W+
10322M40410M40black4 x 10,0 mm15,032,310 W+
10322M40585M40black5 x 8,5 mm15,032,310 W+
10322M40865M40black8 x 6,5 mm15,032,310 W+

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