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Cable entry systems

Small clamping inserts for assembling in the clamping frames FFR–AL–UL–ATEX and in the press ring seal FFRR-TPE-V0. Simple, trouble free assembly eliminating the need for extra metal holders within the frame, V0 (UL 94)

TPE free of halogen, self-extinguishing
-40°C ... +100°C
Protection class [acc. to EN 60529]:
IP 65
  • RoHS

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FLEXA No.Clamp.range
Number of feed-
0380.101.1422,0-3,014grey0,0265 W+ CAD
0380.101.1433,0-4,014grey0,0245 W+ CAD
0380.101.1444,0-4,514grey0,0225 W+ CAD
0380.101.8054,5-5,58grey0,0205 W+ CAD
0380.101.8065,5-6,58grey0,0195 W+ CAD
0380.101.5076,5-7,55grey0,0185 W+ CAD
0380.101.5087,5-8,55grey0,0175 W+ CAD
0380.101.3098,5-9,53grey0,0205 W+ CAD
0380.101.3109,5-10,53grey0,0195 W+ CAD
0380.101.21110,5-12,52grey0,0205 W+ CAD
0380.101.21312,5-14,52grey0,0185 W+ CAD
0380.101.21514,5-16,52grey0,0145 W+ CAD
0380.101.0000grey0,0285 W+ CAD

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