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Multi-FRM68 83c7f989-56cf-42e8-8f42-80b0d22c31f8

Connectors FLEXAquick for ROHRflex corrugated plastic tubings

Special sealing for ROHRflex-MULTI connectors

TPE plastics
-40°C ... +120°C
IP class [acc. to EN 60529]:
IP 68 | IP 69K
  • UKCA
  • RoHS

Multi-FRM68 Catalogue sheet (PDF | 647.63 KB)

Multi-FRM68  Product data sheet (PDF | 648.29 KB)

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FLEXA No.DescriptionNW
15032211070Material: TPE NW 7066,01 W+ CAD
15032211095Material: TPE, NW 9589,01 W+ CAD

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