SPR-PVC-AS 09c78c97-31ba-4a77-a6af-ae0427fe9385

Protective metal conduits liquid tight

Protective metal conduit, strip-wound, s profile, PVC sheathing

cold strip galvanized | PVC
-25°C ... +90°C ^ +100°C
IP class [acc. to EN 60529]:
IP 68
*additional Information
  • DIN_EN_61386-23
  • EAC_Zertifizierung
  • UKCA
  • RoHS

SPR-PVC-AS Catalogue sheet (PDF | 698.04 KB)

SPR-PVC-AS  Product data sheet (PDF | 698.77 KB)

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BR stat.
BR dyn.
12010112007Black10,07,010,025650,07950 W+ CAD
12010112010Black14,010,014,037950,13050 W+ CAD
12010112013Black17,013,017,0451150,17050 W+ CAD
12010112015Black19,015,019,0501200,19050 W+ CAD
12010112017Black21,017,021,0551400,24050 W+ CAD
12010112022Black27,022,027,0601500,36050 W+ CAD
12010112029Black36,029,036,0902250,60025 W+ CAD
12010112038Black45,038,045,01203000,74025 W+ CAD
12010112049Black56,049,056,01303250,90025 W+ CAD
12011112007Black10,07,010,025650,07910 W+ CAD
12011112010Black14,010,014,037950,13010 W+ CAD
12011112013Black17,013,017,0451150,17010 W+ CAD
12011112015Black19,015,019,0501200,19010 W+ CAD
12011112017Black21,017,021,0551400,24010 W+ CAD
12011112022Black27,022,027,0601500,36010 W+ CAD
12011112029Black36,029,036,0902250,60010 W+ CAD
12011112038Black45,038,045,01203000,74010 W+ CAD
12011112049Black56,049,056,01303250,90010 W+ CAD
12010111007Grey10,07,010,025650,07950 W+ CAD
12010111010Grey14,010,014,037950,13050 W+ CAD
12010111013Grey17,013,017,0451150,17050 W+ CAD
12010111015Grey19,015,019,0501200,19050 W+ CAD
12010111017Grey21,017,021,0551400,24050 W+ CAD
12010111022Grey27,022,027,0601500,36050 W+ CAD
12010111029Grey36,029,036,0902250,60025 W+ CAD
12010111038Grey45,038,045,01203000,74025 W+ CAD
12010111049Grey56,049,056,01303250,90025 W+ CAD
12011111007Grey10,07,010,025650,07910 W+ CAD
12011111010Grey14,010,014,037950,13010 W+ CAD
12011111013Grey17,013,017,0451150,17010 W+ CAD
12011111015Grey19,015,019,0501200,19010 W+ CAD
12011111017Grey21,017,021,0551400,24010 W+ CAD
12011111022Grey27,022,027,0601500,36010 W+ CAD
12011111029Grey36,029,036,0902250,60010 W+ CAD
12011111038Grey45,038,045,01203000,74010 W+ CAD
12011111049Grey56,049,056,01303250,90010 W+ CAD

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  • Shipbuilding
  • Automation
  • Electrical installations
  • Machinery and equipment
  • Automotive