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ROHRflex PA 6-L 11173b55-6642-4ca5-abac-4318db9dfef1

ROHRflex corrugated plastic tubings

Protective all-plastic tubing, internally and externally corrugated, fine or coarse profile, fire protection, economical, HB (UL 94), ECE-R 118.03 (orange)

PA 6 plastics mod.
-25°C ... +120°C
IP class [acc. to EN 60529]:
IP 68 | IP 69K
*additional Information
  • DIN_EN_61386-23
  • UL_1696_E86359
  • Loyds_1c_2019
  • EAC_Zertifizierung
  • UKCA
  • RoHS
  • ECE-R 118-03
  • UV

ROHRflex PA 6-L Catalogue sheet (PDF | 832.79 KB)

ROHRflex PA 6-L  Product data sheet (PDF | 834 KB)

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BR stat.
BR dyn.
10261202006Black10,0fine6,510,013350,02050 W+ CAD
10261202010Black13,0fine10,013,020450,02450 W+ CAD
10261202012Black15,8fine12,015,835550,03450 W+ CAD
10261202014Black18,5fine14,318,240650,05050 W+ CAD
10261202016Black21,2fine16,521,245750,05650 W+ CAD
10261202023Black28,5fine2228,5551000,10050 W+ CAD
10261202029Black34,5fine29,034,5651200,12225 W+ CAD
10261202036Black42,5fine35,542,5901500,14525 W+ CAD
10261202048Black54,5fine48,054,51001900,22525 W+ CAD
10261232016Black21,2coarse15,521,245750,05650 W+ CAD
10261232023Black28,5coarse2228,5551000,09050 W+ CAD
10261232029Black34,5coarse27,534,5651200,12025 W+ CAD
10261232036Black42,5coarse35,542,5901500,16525 W+ CAD
10261232048Black54,5coarse47,054,51001900,22525 W+ CAD
10261201006Grey10,0fine6,510,013350,02050 W+ CAD
10261201010Grey13,0fine10,013,020450,02450 W+ CAD
10261201012Grey15,8fine12,015,835550,03450 W+ CAD
10261201014Grey18,5fine14,318,240650,05050 W+ CAD
10261201016Grey21,2fine16,521,245750,05650 W+ CAD
10261201023Grey28,5fine23,028,5551000,10050 W+ CAD
10261231016Grey21,2coarse15,521,245750,05650 W+ CAD
10261231023Grey28,5coarse22,028,5551000,09050 W+ CAD
10261231029Grey34,5coarse27,534,5651200,12025 W+ CAD
10261231036Grey42,5coarse35,542,5901500,16525 W+ CAD
10261231048Grey54,5coarse47,054,51001900,22525 W+ CAD
10261209006Orange10,0fine6,510,013350,02050 W+ CAD
10261209010Orange13,0fine10,013,020450,02450 W+ CAD
10261209012Orange15,8fine12,015,835550,03450 W+ CAD
10261209014Orange18,5fine14,318,240650,05050 W+ CAD
10261209016Orange21,2fine16,521,245750,05650 W+ CAD
10261239016Orange21,2coarse15,521,245750,05650 W+ CAD
10261239023Orange28,5coarse22,028,5551000,09050 W+ CAD
10261239029Orange34,5coarse27,534,5651200,12025 W+ CAD
10261239036Orange42,5coarse35,542,5901500,16525 W+ CAD
10261239048Orange54,5coarse47,054,51001900,22525 W+ CAD

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  • Automation
  • Plant construction
  • Shipbuilding
  • Electrical installations
  • Automotive
  • Machinery and equipment


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