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FLEXAspiral PE 9009dd73-d5e4-4fb7-b10e-1dcb0acc2501

Special protective conduits

Spiral bindings, bundels and binds single wires, protect wire harnesses, wires and lines

LD-Polyethylen PE
-40°C ... +90°C ^ +100°C
  • RoHS

FLEXAspiral PE Catalogue sheet (PDF | 645,78 KB)

FLEXAspiral PE  Product data sheet (PDF | 647,14 KB)

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FLEXA No.ColourOperative range
0241.602.020Black6,0-20,00,01650 W+ CAD
0241.602.040Black8,0-40,00,02650 W+ CAD
0241.602.045Black10,0-45,00,03850 W+ CAD
0241.602.050Black12,0-50,00,05250 W+ CAD
0241.602.120Black6,0-20,00,01610 W+ CAD
0241.602.140Black8,0-40,00,02610 W+ CAD
0241.602.145Black10,0-45,00,03810 W+ CAD
0241.602.150Black12,0-50,00,05210 W+ CAD
0241.605.020Natural colour6,0-20,00,01650 W+ CAD
0241.605.040Natural colour8,0-40,00,02650 W+ CAD
0241.605.045Natural colour10,0-45,00,03850 W+ CAD
0241.605.050Natural colour12,0-50,00,05250 W+ CAD
0241.605.120Natural colour6,0-20,00,01610 W+ CAD
0241.605.140Natural colour8,0-40,00,02610 W+ CAD
0241.605.145Natural colour10,0-45,00,03810 W+ CAD
0241.605.150Natural colour12,0-50,00,05210 W+ CAD

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  • Robotics
  • Switch cabinet construction
  • Installation technology