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HG-PET022 04c43708-c682-422d-97cc-6a474fcc391a

Special protective conduits

Wire braiding consisting of round braided monofiles with double crossed looping at the different braiding angles, Coverage: > 85%, EN 45545-2 (HL2,R22), (HL3,R23)

PET-Monofile, Durchmesser 0,22 mm
-50°C ... +120°C ^ 150°C
  • DIN_5510-2
  • NFF_16_101_102
  • EN_45545_HL3
  • RoHS
  • UV

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Operative range
0239.602.008Black4,04,0-8,00,006200 W+ CAD
0239.602.011Black5,03,0-11,00,007200 W+ CAD
0239.602.014Black8,06,0-14,00,010150 W+ CAD
0239.602.020Black10,08,0-20,00,012150 W+ CAD
0239.602.025Black15,013,0-25,00,013100 W+ CAD
0239.602.030Black18,015,0-30,00,015100 W+ CAD
0239.602.038Black25,028,0-38,00,024100 W+ CAD
0239.602.050Black30,023,0-50,00,034100 W+ CAD
0239.602.060Black36,034,0-60,00,042100 W+ CAD
0239.602.080Black50,045,0-80,00,05150 W+ CAD
0239.601.008Grey4,04,0-8,00,006200 W+ CAD
0239.601.011Grey5,03,0-11,00,007200 W+ CAD
0239.601.014Grey8,06,0-14,00,010150 W+ CAD
0239.601.020Grey10,08,0-20,00,012150 W+ CAD
0239.601.025Grey15,013,0-25,00,013100 W+ CAD
0239.601.030Grey18,015,0-30,00,015100 W+ CAD
0239.601.038Grey25,028,0-38,00,024100 W+ CAD
0239.601.050Grey30,023,0-50,00,034100 W+ CAD
0239.601.060Grey36,034,0-60,00,042100 W+ CAD
0239.601.080Grey50,045,0-80,00,05150 W+ CAD

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  • Automation
  • Electrical installations
  • Automotive
  • Cable Ties
  • Machinery and equipment
  • railway
  • Shipbuilding


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