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RQHD 96a9d69b-ee2e-410b-87f3-0ae128f1f52f

Tubing clamp systems for light, medium and heavy duty applications

Cover RQHD for tubing clamp RQH

PA plastics
-40°C ... +120°C
  • RoHS

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5030.026.207BlackOD 10,00,06050 W+ CAD
5030.026.209BlackOD 13,00,07250 W+ CAD
5030.026.211BlackOD 15,80,08050 W+ CAD
5030.026.213BlackOD 18,50,10050 W+ CAD
5030.026.216BlackOD 21,20,12050 W+ CAD
5030.026.221BlackOD 28,50,16025 W+ CAD
5030.026.229BlackOD 34,50,20025 W+ CAD
5030.026.236BlackOD 42,50,36025 W+ CAD
5030.026.248BlackOD 54,50,50010 W+ CAD
5030.026.007GreyOD 10,00,06050 W+ CAD
5030.026.009GreyOD 13,00,07250 W+ CAD
5030.026.011GreyOD 15,80,08050 W+ CAD
5030.026.013GreyOD 18,50,10050 W+ CAD
5030.026.016GreyOD 21,20,12050 W+ CAD
5030.026.021GreyOD 28,50,16025 W+ CAD
5030.026.029GreyOD 34,50,20025 W+ CAD
5030.026.036GreyOD 42,50,36025 W+ CAD
5030.026.048GreyOD 54,50,50010 W+ CAD

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