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RQMR Cable 4d2c2aa3-0b2d-4ac8-bd59-d6f40c771c6d

Tubing clamp systems for light, medium and heavy duty applications, EN 45545-2 (HL3)

Reducer for cables for tubing clamp RQM, gentle clamping of cables, vibration inhibiting, combined with tubing clamp RQM and conduit abrasion protector RQPRO, EN 45545-2 (HL3)

TPE plastics
-40°C ... +120°C
*additional Information
  • EN_45545_HL3
  • ASTM E162 E662 SMP800-C
  • RoHS
  • UV

RQMR Cable Catalogue sheet (PDF | 665,82 KB)

RQMR Cable  Product data sheet (PDF | 667,57 KB)

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15606015207BlackOD 15,8, clamping area 7-100,42010 W+ CAD
15606021210BlackOD 21,2, clamping area 10-140,70010 W+ CAD
15606028210BlackOD 28,5, clamping area 10-141,10010 W+ CAD
15606028214BlackOD 28,5, clamping area 14-181,10010 W+ CAD
15606028216BlackOD 28,5, clamping area 16-200,90010 W+ CAD
15606028219BlackOD 28,5, clamping area 19-230,75010 W+ CAD
15606042218BlackOD 42,5, clamping area 18-221,90010 W+ CAD
15606042222BlackOD 42,5, clamping area 22-261,80010 W+ CAD
15606028223BlackOD 28,5, clamping area 23-240,78010 W+ CAD
15606042226BlackOD 42,5, clamping area 26-301,60010 W+ CAD
15606042230BlackOD 42,5, clamping area 30-341,40010 W+ CAD
15606054234BlackOD 54,5, clamping area 34-382,80010 W+ CAD
15606054238BlackOD 54,5, clamping area 38-422,40010 W+ CAD
15606054242BlackOD 54,5, clamping area 42-461,82010 W+ CAD
15606054248BlackOD 54,5, clamping area 47-48,51,92010 W+ CAD

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  • railway
  • Electrical installations
  • Machinery and equipment