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RQMR Cable 4d2c2aa3-0b2d-4ac8-bd59-d6f40c771c6d

Tubing clamp systems for light, medium and heavy duty applications

Reducer for cables for tubing clamp RQM, gentle clamping of cables, vibration inhibiting, combined with tubing clamp RQM and conduit abrasion protector RQPRO

TPE plastics
-40°C ... +120°C
  • RoHS

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5606.015.207BlackOD 15,8, clamping area 7-100,42010 W+ CAD
5606.021.210BlackOD 21,2, clamping area 10-140,70010 W+ CAD
5606.028.210BlackOD 28,5, clamping area 14-181,10010 W+ CAD
5606.028.214BlackOD 28,5, clamping area 14-181,10010 W+ CAD
5606.028.216BlackOD 28,5, clamping area 14-180,90010 W+ CAD
5606.028.219BlackOD 28,5, clamping area 14-180,75010 W+ CAD
5606.042.218BlackOD 42,5, clamping area 18-221,90010 W+ CAD
5606.042.222BlackOD 42,5, clamping area 22-261,80010 W+ CAD
5606.042.226BlackOD 42,5, clamping area 26-301,60010 W+ CAD
5606.042.230BlackOD 42,5, clamping area 30-341,40010 W+ CAD
5606.054.234BlackOD 54,5, clamping area 34-382,80010 W+ CAD
5606.054.238BlackOD 54,5, clamping area 38-422,40010 W+ CAD
5606.054.242BlackOD 54,5, clamping area 42-461,82010 W+ CAD

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