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  • Testing methods

    Our products meet internationally approved standards

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  • Selection criteria

    Please select the appropriate conduit for material, applications
    requirements and properties

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  • Selecting the guide chain

    Dimensioning the guide chain, calculating the length
    determining the bending radius ...

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  • Applications

    Overview of all protective conduit systems by areas with temperature ranges and approvals

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  • Applications for the railway industry

    Product selection criteria cerificates and tests especially for
    applications in the railway technology

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  • Product classification

    Product classification acc. to DIN EN IEC 61386-23

    german | english

  • Protective Systems

    Definition of the protective systems acc. to protective degrees for contact
    and foreign body protections as well as water protection

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  • Chemical resistance

    Used plastic materials and their resistance at a glance

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  • VDE specifications

    Requirements for the electrical applications of conduits for electrical installations

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  • Thread standards

    Thread standards for the different types of thread
    PG | metric | NPT | CTG | Whitworth and UNEF

    german | english

  • Skilled parting

    Skilling parting of protective conduits made of metal and plastics

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