Cable protection systems for more security

FLEXA is a renowned family company with a history of more than 70 years. The first metal hose was manufactured as early as 1948. This was followed by plastic and special hoses and a large selection of matching connectors.

Today's area of ​​application for cable protection systems ranges from sensor and medical technology, rail vehicles, mechanical engineering, automation to renewable energies or offshore oil and gas production under extreme operating conditions.

Example offshore: Developed for extreme conditions

Cable protection systems used in offshore oil and gas production not only have to withstand extreme environmental influences, but above all they have to be fireproof. Another requirement is resistance to acids, bases and solvents. The FLEXA Offshore range offers this comprehensive protection for cables and wires - and it offers a wide range of cable protection systems for every imaginable application.

 Offshore cable protection systems: Use under extreme conditions

Offshore cable protection systems: Use under extreme conditions

In addition to protective hoses, our cable protection systems also consist of guide chains as well as hose holders and cable entry systems. You can also find these products in the FLEXA range. Discover our solutions for comprehensive cable protection now!

Overview of application for cable protection systems