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Tubing feedthrough

Length compensation thanks to innovative push-to-move technology.

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Customized solutions

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Reinforcement on board!

"We are setting the course again" with our new product ROHRflex PA 12 F+

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Sensor & Photonic

The FLEXA metal tubings with their tiny dimensions perfectly meet the high-precision requirements defined for sensors and opto technologies.

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Flexible UV-resistant cable protection

Weatherproof protection for your photovoltaic and solar systems.

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FLEXA has been your expert for cable protection conduits and cable protection systems for 75 years. We offer a wide range of products for various applications in industry, rail vehicle construction, renewable energies and medical.


Our range extends from protective conduits for sensor cables to fire protection conduits and EMC shielding. Comprehensive line and cable protection also includes guide chains as well as tubing holder and suction hose systems. You will also find these products in the FLEXA range. Discover our solutions for comprehensive cable protection now!