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Protective conduit makes cables safer

The safety of lines and cables in industry and many other areas of the economy is fundamentally dependent on one factor: the protective conduit. No safety without an enveloping conduit. Countless types of power, data or media-carrying lines require this cable protection. FLEXA has the right protective conduit for every application in its range.

The right protective conduit for every cable

Of course, a protective conduit that is used in food production has to be constructed differently than a protective conduit for sensor technology. FLEXA cable protection products are specially adapted or developed for each application market. This ensures the maximum performance of each type of protective conduit.

Protective conduit as a special solution

Depending on the application, our special protective conduit can be coated with different materials such as metal and plastic and fitted with suitable screw connections. Other special products include braided conduits, bundling spirals and fire protection conduits such as FLEXAhightemp: a protective conduit with a calcium silicate braided silicone jacket.